Workout partner? Workout alone?

Ahh time for the gym and my usual dilemma sets in. To wait on a workout partner to hit the gym with me or to go ahead and go alone. 

So many pros and con’s. I want to workout, I really do. I need to workout. I have motivation hidden deep inside of me.  I will workout. I also need a little push a little extra motivation. Someone who can say that was too easy time to go up in weight. Someone who works along with me. Someone I can motivate as well. Typically my husband or coworker is who I workout with.  Today I am off while they are at work. I can wait on them to get off but that means gym time middle of the afternoon instead of morning and rushing home to cook dinner and get ready for bed. Sometimes working out with them is a distraction too. Longer breaks, spending too much time talking between sets. Even the “Man this is really hurting,” and they say just skip it or reduce the weight. 
I also despise mirrors at the gym. So lifting free weights in front of them forces me to look at myself. I am going to the gym to help change myself physically as well as health wise. I don’t want to see my muffin top I want it gone that’s why I’m here! When I see everything I want to change I lode the confidence I walked into the gym with.  Poof out the window it went! So working out with someone else allows me to have someone in front of me to keep from having to see myself in the mirror. 
Now if I go alone I get it done early. I can get through the workout at my own pace which generally is quicker than going with someone. The Cons not having someone to push me. Having to wait on my husband to get home from the gym this evening. If I workout alone I always wonder if I’ve cheated myself by not increasing weight or pushing for one more. 
In a little over a week I will take on a new fitness journey. I am doing this for me. I want to live a long healthy life. With a family history of diabetes and heart disease I need to do this. So that answers my dilemma. Time to fly high and pilot my life time to head to the gym now! 
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